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Figure Skating is a vigorous sport that can be enjoyed by everyone whether you skate just for recreation or wish to compete with other skaters. Figure skating can be an individual, pair, or team sport. There are programs for all ages and levels of ability, including freestyle, dance, pair and precision teams. Figure skating is wholesome family fun. You'll learn basic and advanced skating skills. Plus, you get the opportunity to perform in competitions and shows. What a great way to see some of the country...and make new friends. The more competitive levels can be very demanding requiring dedication and discipline. Whatever your level...figure skating has a lot to offer.




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Latest News

Ice Sports Forum is undergoing several upgrades!

Near the ceiling of the rinks, you will see our new "Duct Socks". These will now circulate dry air throughout the rinks, and put an end to those condensation drips.

The exterior of the facility is being re-painted.

The boards have been cleaned, polished, and sanitized. It's hard to remember how many puck marks were there before!

The Kitchen is installing a new tile backsplash.

The Powerplay Grill patio is having a new mural painted.

The Arcade games have been removed, and a new facility is going to be installed.

LaserStrike Laser Tag is receiving all new equipment that is going to enhance the player's experience.